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We Are Specialists in Trailer Repair, Roadside Assistance and Towing.


 At The Trailer Shop Inc, we take Trailer repair seriously. As a result  of our emphasis on customer satisfaction and care, we have been one of  the top choices for trailer repair in Key Largo, FL for the 25 years we  have been in business. We offer a variety of repair services to meet  each customer’s individual needs. 

We specialize in trailer parts and service. Stop by our store to pick up any parts you may need to service your trailer. Or, bring your trailer by and we can do the job for you. As a trailer manufacturer, we can make any custom built trailer to suit your needs from the highest quality materials. If don't have something that you need, we would be happy to order it for you.

We also offer emergency roadside assistance. We can help you with anything from a tire change, to blown out bearings, and even a broken axle. We can tow your trailer safely, and most times, we can fix your trailer at your location!

Trailer repair, sales, and manufacturing


We stock hundreds of parts for your trailer. Along with trailer parts and accessories, we also will gladly service your trailer so that it's in the best condition possible. We also sell new and used trailers in all sizes. If we don't have a trailer for your boat, (or if you'd like to have something custom made) we can make you a custom trailer out of the finest aluminum and stainless steel parts. Our trailers are made with aluminum frames, stainless steel hardware, and are ready to stand up against the harsh saltwater environment that we have here in south Florida. Anything from utility trailers to boat trailers, we will make your trailer custom so that it's just right for you.

24 Hour Roadside assistance, any day, any time.


So often when you're trying to enjoy a nice vacation with your family, something goes wrong. With our emergency roadside assistance and towing, we will do everything to get you back on the road as soon as possible. Many times, we can fix your trailer on site. Or, if necessary, we can tow you to our repair facility, or even to your destination. Contact us at any time by calling the number in the "Contact us" section. We will be there as quickly as possible to help you. We have been working long term with many towing companies such as BoatUS and Seatow. If you have coverage from a towing company, please let us know in your phone call so that we can apply any coverage you might have for our services.

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Trailer service, towing, and 24 hour road side assistance.

We offer trailer repair, parts, and new and used trailer sales. Also we offer emergency roadside assistance, which is always available regardless of the day.

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